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“Be Someone or Do Something”: Innovation and the new world of post-competitive business

The legendary American fighter pilot (and icon of strategy) Col. John Boyd famously divided the world into two kinds of people: either you are someone who wants to be somebody or you are someone who wants to do something. My pals Matthew Milan and Chris Finlay are both big Boyd fans and have each shared [...]

“Lies and Lying Liars Who Tell Them” or Why Advertising Is the One Who Should Apologize

We are in eager anticipation of a visit to Toronto next week from Adrian Ho, viagra buy who started Zeus Jones with a bunch of folks who left then hot shop ad firm Fallon, which had rocketed from Minneapolis to the NYC indy bigs with a bullet in the early 2000’s (Fallon is now [...]

Dachis Corporation: the cipher of Social Business Design

Promising news in the world of emerging capability building this week as Dachis Group announced their acquisition of Xplane on Monday, web 26 April.
Though the exercise may seem (or be) a bit like reading tea leaves, web I think there are some interesting things to think about in trying to understand what Dachis [...]

Preparedness vs. Intelligence

So, buy information pills what do knife fighting and shipping software have in common? They both show the advantage of being prepared over being “smart”. Of course, price these are not either/or choices. But there are two recent things I’ve stumbled on that make the point that being too intelligent, pill or [...]

Innovation Parkour Field Lab in PHX

If you are anywhere near Phoenix on 8 April, no rx you should consider coming to our daylong Innovation Parkour Field Lab workshop, help part of the pre-conference workshops of the 2010 IA Summit.
Innovation Parkour is a framework for the “open source” development of a practice of innovativeness. We believe that innovativeness, information [...]

Dave Gray and I talk about Knowledge Games

Dave Gray was in Toronto this week to kick off the Fall slate of the Unfinished Business lectures series, there which is hosted by the Strategic Innovation Lab at OCAD and sponsored by Torch.
Dave was hangin’ out with me at Torch the day of his talk and we got to shoot the breeze about [...]

The Unfinished Interview with Dave Gray

Dave Gray is the Founder and Chairman of XPLANE, more about the visual thinking company. Founded in 1993, unhealthy XPLANE has grown to be the world’s leading consulting and design firm focused on information-driven communications. Dave’s time is spent researching and writing on visual business, as well as speaking, coaching and delivering workshops [...]

Toys = Garbage: Sustainablity Ought to be Child’s Play

Since I became I parent eight years ago, unhealthy I have become acutely aware and more and more incensed by the extent to which children’s toys are, case in almost every respect, physician garbage from the very moment of purchase. Now it is a truism of many product life cycles that an [...]

Myths & Virtues of the Open

It is almost trite to say that one embraces the open these days. It has become I kind of de rigueur position of the Interneterati. There’s lots of important reason we should embrace the open in any number of contexts, thumb but it is high time (as with Design Thinking, web innovation and [...]

Innovation Parkour’s 1st “Live Fire” Scramble

Yesterday, treatment Innovation Parkour (IP) co-creators, Matt Milan and Michael Anton Dila led the first IP live fire exercise at the Net Change Week at MaRS. We had almost 40 participants, who were ultimately divided into 6 project teams. After an introduction to the core ideas of Innovation Parkour, the participants were set an [...]