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“Lies and Lying Liars Who Tell Them” or Why Advertising Is the One Who Should Apologize

We are in eager anticipation of a visit to Toronto next week from Adrian Ho, who started Zeus Jones with a bunch of folks who left then hot shop ad firm Fallon, which had rocketed from Minneapolis to the NYC indy bigs with a bullet in the early 2000’s (Fallon is now a global agency [...]

Dachis Corporation: the cipher of Social Business Design

Promising news in the world of emerging capability building this week as Dachis Group announced their acquisition of Xplane on Monday, 26 April.
Though the exercise may seem (or be) a bit like reading tea leaves, I think there are some interesting things to think about in trying to understand what Dachis actually is and whether [...]

The Unfinished Interview with Dave Gray

Dave Gray is the Founder and Chairman of XPLANE, the visual thinking company. Founded in 1993, XPLANE has grown to be the world’s leading consulting and design firm focused on information-driven communications. Dave’s time is spent researching and writing on visual business, as well as speaking, coaching and delivering workshops to educators, corporate clients and [...]

Unfinished Thoughts: Naomi Klein, Wally Lamb and Malcolm Gladwell

I have been reading Larissa MacFarquhar’s piece on Naomi Klein in the 8 Dec issue of New Yorker. There’s something that’s always nagged at me about Klein, but to see this full on profile, complete with a Platon portrait, really set my blood to boil.
I said the other day to a colleague, “it’s not that [...]

Unfinished Publishing and Business Model Innovation

Unfinished friend and colleague Alex Osterwalder is proving yet again that not only does he eat his own business model dog food, but that he is an unfinished exemplar, par excellence. Alex and his colleague Yves Pigneur have been working on a book about business model innovation. Slated for publication in May 09, Alex and [...]

Unfinished Game

Today one of the most anticipated games in development has been released. Will Wright’s Spore has been the justified subject of hype for a great many reasons: no of those reasons, however, include the importance of his game to business design.
Spore is described by Wright as “philosophy game”, which is a weird enough signal that [...]

Unfinished Book, Unfinished Business Model

Dave Gray, friend and colleague, did an amazing thing recently. He published a book he had started but hadn’t finished. Then he added to that amazing thing something more radical still: he shared the book with others and invited them to help him contribute to it, to literally write and/or draw in it, on it. [...]