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The Unfinished Interview with Dave Gray

Dave Gray is the Founder and Chairman of XPLANE, more about the visual thinking company. Founded in 1993, unhealthy XPLANE has grown to be the world’s leading consulting and design firm focused on information-driven communications. Dave’s time is spent researching and writing on visual business, as well as speaking, coaching and delivering workshops [...]

Thinking about Design Thinking: an emerging literature?

For all the talk about design thinking, price it is more than a little bit difficult to pin down just what it actually is. Who would be the definitive authority on the matter? Where is design thinking’s authoritative publication, pharm its approved reading list, pharm the schools which teach its tenets, organizations [...]

Unfinished Publishing and Business Model Innovation

Unfinished friend and colleague Alex Osterwalder is proving yet again that not only does he eat his own business model dog food, visit this site but that he is an unfinished exemplar, par excellence. Alex and his colleague Yves Pigneur have been working on a book about business model innovation. Slated for publication in [...]