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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Who Needs Unfinished Business?

Umair Haque made a bold post on his Edge Economy blog on the Harvard Business Publishing site this week. In it he calls for the development of next generation businesses that will challenge the rot he sees at the heart of the institutions of business, most lately indicted by the fall-out of the Sub-Prime crisis.
Haque [...]

The “Fourth Quadrant” and the Limits of Statistics

Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable, has written a fascinatng essay for the EDGE site, entitled: “The Fourth Quadrant: A Map of the Limits of Statistics.”
This teaser from the site’s intro to the piece ought to whet your appetitie for his subject and its relevance:
Taleb, looking at the [...]

Digital Intimacy: Dunbar’s number evolved?

Michael Dila forwarded me the link to this article which explored the impact of micro-blogging and the emergence of what author Clive Thompson calls “Digital Intimacy.” I find this subject extremely fascinating particularly in how it’s changing the way we interact with each other. [Cross-posted at The Foush]

Redefining Our Social Circle
Wikipedia defines Dunbar’s number [...]

Unfinished Theory

John Boyd, considered to be one of the most important strategic theorists since Sun Tzu, never wrote a single book.  Despite this, his thinking has become one of the dominant perspectives in the military strategy community, and increasingly his theories are seeing growing application in the business world.
What’s interesting about Boyd’s work is that he [...]

Unfinished Game

Today one of the most anticipated games in development has been released. Will Wright’s Spore has been the justified subject of hype for a great many reasons: no of those reasons, however, include the importance of his game to business design.
Spore is described by Wright as “philosophy game”, which is a weird enough signal that [...]

Unfinished Book, Unfinished Business Model

Dave Gray, friend and colleague, did an amazing thing recently. He published a book he had started but hadn’t finished. Then he added to that amazing thing something more radical still: he shared the book with others and invited them to help him contribute to it, to literally write and/or draw in it, on it. [...]

What is Unfinished?

The UNFINISHED BUSINESS Initiative has been an incubator project of Torch Partnership for the last nine months.
The UNFINISHED BUSINESS Project is a program of collaborative innovation that will enable a select group of enterprises to co-create knowledge, experiences, along with prototypes for new designs of value.
• explore the potential of “open” [...]