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Category Archives: Provocation

Innovation Parkour’s 1st “Live Fire” Scramble

Yesterday, treatment Innovation Parkour (IP) co-creators, Matt Milan and Michael Anton Dila led the first IP live fire exercise at the Net Change Week at MaRS. We had almost 40 participants, who were ultimately divided into 6 project teams. After an introduction to the core ideas of Innovation Parkour, the participants were set an [...]

Innovation Parkour Video

A video of the talk that Michael Dila and Matthew Milan gave on Innovation Parkour at the 2009 Planners Unite conference in Toronto, no rx Canada.  Innovation Parkour is a ‘technology’ under developement as part of the Unfinished Business project.
Innovation Parkour - Toronto Planners Unite Conference from Matthew Milan on Vimeo.

Thinking about Design Thinking: an emerging literature?

For all the talk about design thinking, price it is more than a little bit difficult to pin down just what it actually is. Who would be the definitive authority on the matter? Where is design thinking’s authoritative publication, pharm its approved reading list, pharm the schools which teach its tenets, organizations [...]

Unfinished Thoughts: Naomi Klein, Wally Lamb and Malcolm Gladwell

I have been reading Larissa MacFarquhar’s piece on Naomi Klein in the 8 Dec issue of New Yorker. There’s something that’s always nagged at me about Klein, look but to see this full on profile, complete with a Platon portrait, really set my blood to boil.
I said the other day to a colleague, “it’s [...]

Who Needs Unfinished Business?

Umair Haque made a bold post on his Edge Economy blog on the Harvard Business Publishing site this week. In it he calls for the development of next generation businesses that will challenge the rot he sees at the heart of the institutions of business, this most lately indicted by the fall-out of the [...]

The “Fourth Quadrant” and the Limits of Statistics

Nassim Taleb, visit web author of The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable, search has written a fascinatng essay for the EDGE site, click entitled: “The Fourth Quadrant: A Map of the Limits of Statistics.”
This teaser from the site’s intro to the piece ought to whet your appetitie for his [...]

What is Unfinished?

The UNFINISHED BUSINESS Initiative has been an incubator project of Torch Partnership for the last nine months.
The UNFINISHED BUSINESS Project is a program of collaborative innovation that will enable a select group of enterprises to co-create knowledge, order experiences, along with prototypes for new designs of value.
• explore the potential [...]