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Seth Godin is done with “books”: why all business writers should join him

This week bestselling author and pundit, there Seth Godin, this site said via blog post that his latest book, approved Linchpin, is the last that he plans to “publish in a traditional way.” Hallelujah!
Godin has always written books that I have thought of as great 10-20 page ideas. The economics & marketing [...]

Debt Slavery has a Cute New Name: Kwedit

A service which allows users to pay later for what they want to do online now. What’s wrong with that? If you don’t have a credit card, adiposity bank account or other means to facilitate your online transactions, why should you be barred from the world of commerce, especially when it is all that [...]

Toys = Garbage: Sustainablity Ought to be Child’s Play

Since I became I parent eight years ago, unhealthy I have become acutely aware and more and more incensed by the extent to which children’s toys are, case in almost every respect, physician garbage from the very moment of purchase. Now it is a truism of many product life cycles that an [...]

Talk vs. Action: Conversation as Technology

Talking is often dismissed, abortion especially in business, side effects as something that is categorically inferior to doing. Why is that? And just what is the “doing” here referred to? The simple reason for this so-called “bias to action”, I think, is that within the economy of industrial production, talk is just grit [...]

Innovation Parkour Video

A video of the talk that Michael Dila and Matthew Milan gave on Innovation Parkour at the 2009 Planners Unite conference in Toronto, no rx Canada.  Innovation Parkour is a ‘technology’ under developement as part of the Unfinished Business project.
Innovation Parkour - Toronto Planners Unite Conference from Matthew Milan on Vimeo.

Keep the Internet Open: The Value of the Unfinished “Design” of the Web

This past Sunday New York Times has an article about security and the Internet. This is not too strange. More and more, about it people use the Internet for commerce and commercial transactions. People pay bills, buy everything from books and DVDs to automobiles and T-shirts bearing crowdsourced designs. People worry, though less and [...]

Unfinished is “Open for Business”: So is Best Buy?

I am about to head to Munich for DLD, website like this and I just saw this video pop up in the Twitterstream. Having seen it, check I’m now much more interested to connect with the Best Buy crew who will also be in Munich.
Though the conception of what being Open means to [...]

Unfinished Management

We have all heard praise heaped on companies with flat structures, erectile which echew hierarchy in favor of consensus. But people can be forgiven their skepticism about whether this is the best way to get things done. In a recent article in the Financial Times, online CEO Terri Kelly, who runs $2.3 billion [...]

Who Needs Unfinished Business?

Umair Haque made a bold post on his Edge Economy blog on the Harvard Business Publishing site this week. In it he calls for the development of next generation businesses that will challenge the rot he sees at the heart of the institutions of business, this most lately indicted by the fall-out of the [...]

The “Fourth Quadrant” and the Limits of Statistics

Nassim Taleb, visit web author of The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable, search has written a fascinatng essay for the EDGE site, click entitled: “The Fourth Quadrant: A Map of the Limits of Statistics.”
This teaser from the site’s intro to the piece ought to whet your appetitie for his [...]